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About Us

The Columbine Leather Guild strives to foster imagination and creativity in leather crafters to create beautiful art and artifacts. Whether you’re coming in to spend a few hours or to truly exploit your talent, you’ll find a blank canvas awaiting you where the world is your oyster. Our members are always willing to exchange ideas, share knowledge and experience new frontiers in leathercraft. The Columbine Leather Guild was establish in 1992. It is a non-profit organization and a member of a larger organization called the International Federation of Leather Guilds (IFoLG).


Our Mission 

The Columbine Leather Guild, Inc. was founded in 1992 for the purpose of giving leather artisans an opportunity to meet to show their skills in leather craft or art and to demonstrate new techniques, rediscover lost or old techniques, and to socialize with others having similar interests. All leather crafters or leather artisans are welcome, regardless of the type of leather work they prefer.

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Contact Us

               Robert Srader - President


Monthly Meetings are held at the Hatzis Hall.

952 Moss Street - Golden, CO 80401 

The 2nd Sunday of every month 1pm to 4 pm - See map below

Thanks for submitting!

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Other Resources

Leather Craft General Supplies

- Tandy Leather  888-291-0024 Denver, CO

- Weaver Leathercraft 800-430-6278 Mt.Hope, Ohio

- Montana Leather 406-245-1660 Billings, MT

- Springfield Leather Company 800-668-8518 Springfield, MO

- Maker's Leather Supply 254-300-1881 Elm Mott, TX

- Buyleatheronline Leather from Italy Call (+39)0571 499345

Leather Craft 
Tool Suppliers

- Barry King Leather Tools. 307-672-5657 Sheridan, WY.

- Bob Beard Pro Series Tools. 505-632-7039 Farmington, NM.



Home: Classes
Home: Classes

Board of Directors

       President – Robert Srader


        Vice President – Mick Muller 


        Treasurer – Alice Selby

       Acting Secretary – Robert Srader


        Board Member – Todd Litton


        Board Member – Rebecca Lucy


        Board Member – Olivia Maruoka



Meeting Dates

2022 Meeting Dates

January 9th
February 13th
March 13th
April 10th
May 8th (Mother's Day)
June 12th
July 10th

August 14th

September 11th

October 9th

November 13th

December 11th

class Nov-2018 -7.jpeg


Individual Membership

Our Annual individual Membership is $35.00
Dues are due on or before every January 30th

Family Membership

Our Annual Family Membership is $50

This include spouse and/or children under 18 years old

Dues are due on or before every January 30th

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Send Us Questions

Home: Membership

Upcoming Meeting Information

January 9th 2022 and February 13th 2022

Making a leather carry case based on an Al Stohlman pattern

Members will make a carry case to carry your leather tools to Guild meetings or for whatever purpose suites your needs.

Please bring the following tools if you have them:

  • Stylus for tracing the pattern onto leather (a ballpoint pen can be used as a stylus substitute).

  • Ruler or straight-edge

  • Cutting Mat or Cutting board

  • Craft knife

  • Swivel Knife

  • Stitching Groover, Stitching Wheel or Stitching Chisels/Pricking Irons

  • Adjustable V-Gouge tool for folding the handle

  • Hole punch, Edge Beveler, Edge Slicker, Bone Folder, Stitching Awl

There will be tools available from the list above to use during the meeting as needed. The leather will be provided and there will be Craft-Aids available with tooling designs.

Projects can be tooled with any pattern you wish.

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Meet Some of Our Members

At the Columbine Leather Guild, we love having the opportunity to mentor artists and helping them succeed. The Columbine Leather Guild wants to share the members experience and knowledge, and help you stand out like the star you truly are. We’re proud of everything we do and the work our members have created, and invite you to take a look for yourself and join us.


Kathy Flanagan

Guild Member Kathy Flanagan was the 2016 Stohlman Award. Spending most of her life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Kathy has aspired to become one of our craft’s youngest Masters. Kathy received her certification at the 2005 IFoLG Annual Show and Competition. Her work has been displayed in the Al Stohlman Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. In a word, her work can be described as ‘gorgeous’. Her design lay-out and engraving can be defined as refreshing, her landscapes and animal figures take on the envied ‘life-like presence’. Not only does Kathy ‘push the envelope’ regarding her personal schedule, she will inspire you to a much higher level of spirit and energy. You will enjoy every second with Kathy. Her skill and demeanor will captivate your ability to go further than you have ever hoped.

Chris "Slickbald" Andre

An Extraordinary One-of-a-Kind World Celebrated Craftsman

Slickbald specializes in uniquely carved, museum quality gun leather for the Single Action Army, the 1911, and special knives. Special and unique guns welcome! 

Slick also works with interior designers and custom car and bike builders making panels for cabinet doors, stair risers, automotive dash and seat inserts, and custom bags. Slickbald is an active competitor in the Single Action Shooting Society and Cowboy Fast Draw and makes rigs specifically for these competitions. Have your leather dreams made a reality!


Bob Beard

Robert Beard was presented With Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous International Federation of Leather Guilds (IFoLG) 2013 hosted by the Columbine Leather Guild.

He has no geographical boundaries and is indeed an international leather craftsman practitioner and tool maker.
‘Kick in your vision’ and let your "Pro Series" tools do the work with this Al Stolhman Award Recipient, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, and an IFoLG Hall of Fame Inductee. Let the skills, knowledge, and craftsmanship of Bob Beard guide the way for an extraordinary Experience in Leather.


Pete Gorrell

He was born in 1931 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The family moved a few times but his live was always around horses even when traveling around the world. He moved to Colorado with his wife Helen, in part to be closer to their two daughters and grandchildren, but also to established a ranch with an indoor arena with a saddle shop combined. They are now living in Hawaii where he is involved in the making of traditional Hawaiian Paniolo saddles. Pete  trained a large longhorn steer called Rosco, to pull a cart, because he thought is was pretty entertaining.  Mr Gorrell has published books and won countless awards including the 2007 Al Stohlman Award. One day I will publish his entire story. He is a humble and wonderful man. Thanks Pete !

Steve and Barb.jpg

Steve Turner

I live in the south east of the UK. and have been doing leatherwork since the early 90s. I joined the guild a few years later after a phone call to Jess Johnson. Through Jess I also met Vern True, Sonny Hallet, Blain Bay. All now sadly gone. I am still in touch occasionally with Len Rothwell and look forward to my news letters from the Guild to see what is going on over there. 
Regards Steve Turner

george hurst award.jpeg

Phil Keller

Phil Keller started carving leather with a Lucky 7 Kit at age 7. He comes from a ranch in the sand hills of Nebraska where he tooled belts and billfolds during high school.  After college, Air Force, and retiring as a Mechanical Engineer, leather and fly fishing have become his passions of choice.  He is a long time member of the Columbine Leather Guild and North East Director for the Colorado Saddle Makers Association. He recently received 1st place in the Advanced George Hurst Carving competition.

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Len Rothfeld

Len began tooling leather in 1993 and joined the guild in 1995.  He was elected treasurer in 1999 and was guild president from 2003 to 2007.  In 2000, Len and Sonny Hallett started weekly beginner’s classes on behalf of the guild at the Leather Factory store in Denver (later TandyLF).  Len taught weekly at TandyLF through 2014.  In that same time period, Len added to his skills by studying landscape carving and coloring with Bill Gomer.  He received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 IFoLG meeting, and co-chaired the 2013 IFoLG show that the guild hosted in Denver.

Marvin Knowles


show and tell 9-2018 -3.jpeg

Mike Button


thumbnail (6).jpg

Want your project to be featured on this page? Join us today.

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International Federation of Leather Guilds 2019

Congratulation to all of our participants


Winning Entries


Phil Keller - Advanced Category

IFoLG 2019 orchid.jpg

Olivia Maruoka-Srader
1st Place - Open Category

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International Federation of Leather Guilds 2018

Congratulation to all of our participants

Kissing Cardinals IFoLG2018.jpeg

Robert Srader

Open Category - 2nd Place

Kissing Cardinals

Olivia IFoLG.jpeg

Olivia Maruoka

Beginners Category - 1st Place

Roses and Vase

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Phil Keller

luggage tag IFoLG 2018.jpeg

Advanced Category - 1st Place

Luggage Tag

Phil Keller

Notebook IFoLG 2018.jpeg

Advanced Category - 1st Place


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Wallet 2 IFoLG.jpeg

Phil Keller

Phil also presented the following in the advanced category:
* Bridle (horse gear) -  2nd Place.
* Spur Strap 
* Roper Wallet
* Belt - Carved - 3rd Place

Wallet IFoLG.jpeg

Phil Keller

Advanced Category 3rd Place


Business Card Case

Home: Values

2022 Meetings

Due to the corona virus pandemic the 2022 Guild requires members to be fully vaccinated in order to attend in-person meetings each month.

R&O art.jpg

In-Person Meetings require vaccination until further notice due to COVID-19

Due to the corona virus pandemic we had to cancel in-person meetings starting in March 2020.
Starting in 2021 we resumed meeting in-person with the requirement that attendees are fully vaccinated. Keep Safe and Healthy.
Happy Leather Tooling

olivia's peonies.jpg
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Carry Case Class
January - February 2022

This project will begin in January with cutting out the pieces and tooling a pattern on the sides of the carry case.

In February we will complete the project by hand sewing the carry case sides to the gusset and stiffening the handles.

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Past Meeting Topics

plug embossing2020.jpg

Embossing with Leather Plugs

Home: Welcome

Tooling a fleur-de-lis with Common Leather Stamping Tools

Home: Gallery

Basic Use of
Leather Tools

book mark.jpg
colored book mark.jpg
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Hand Stitching
Saddle Stitching

The Stitching class was interactive and very fruitful. We got the kinks out of the stitching myth. Thanks to all that were involved.

saddle stitch.png
stitch book.JPG.png
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Double Loop Lacing Class

By Chris Coe

double loop lacing.JPG
double loop lacing2.JPG
double loop lacing1.JPG
double loop lacing5.JPG
double loop lacing6.JPG
double loop lacing7.JPG
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Mick Class3 Jan 2019.jpg

Sharpening and Polishing Leather Craft Tools Class

By Mick Muller - January 13th 2019

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Mick Class2 Jan 2019.jpg
Mick Class Jan 2019.jpg
Mick Class4 Jan 2019.jpg
Mick Class5 Jan 2019.jpg

Holiday Ornaments Class

By Kay Orton

The class was fun and informative. We learned how to work with splits, how to cut and color them and how to add character to a simple creation. These are some pictures of the class and of the ornaments in progress ...

class Nov-2018 -3.jpeg
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angel in progress.jpeg
Mick angel.jpeg
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sabina santa.jpeg
Phil cowboy.jpeg
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Home: News & Updates
todd reindeer.jpeg
Olivia turtle.jpeg
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Photo Gallery

CIMG1693binocular case.JPG

Binocular Case by Phil Keller


Fish Motif Case by Phil Keller


Black Leather Vest by Phil Keller


Stirrup Lamp by Phil Keller

half size saddle.JPG

Half Size Saddle by Phil Keller

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paniolo saddles 2PG.png

Paniolo Saddle by Pete Gorrell

2007 Al Stohlman Award Pete Gorrell

pete gorrell pic2.jpg.png
notebooks PG.png

Notebooks by Pete Gorrell

Home: News & Updates

His Saddle by Pete Gorrell

My Saddle.JPG

Engagement Ring Box for Helen by Pete Gorrell


Pete and Helen Gorrell at his saddle shop

10-14-2014 Dad & Mom at the Pukalani Sta
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Belt by Steve Turner


Belt by Steve Turner


Wallet by Steve Turner


Rope by Steve Turner

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wallet and case.jpg
thumbnail (6).jpg

Mike Button



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show and tell 9-2018 -3.jpeg
traveling stone2.jpeg
marvin coasters.jpg

Marvin Knowles



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